Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

Luxembourg Meditation Bar  (project)

Imagine a place where calm and serenity are, where you meet people interested more in being than having, where sharing knowledge, experiences, time or a common moment through a meditation are usual.

This new time place is now reachable as more and more wanted as our world generate lots of informations, noise, disturbances, fears, separations on all forms…

Let’s imagine this place all together and make it happen physically…


We could imagine ourselves in the latest floor of a building, the roof is a dome, or a glass ceiling (like a veranda) where we can see the sky above while we are away from the noises from the street. We could meditate here in the quiet open skies. The acoustics of the place would be welcoming, soft, cozy and like in a benevolent cocoon. Persons in this location would naturally share whispering, speaking low volume and this nice murmur would remind each of us that we are not alone in this inner focus place.
It would be possible to everyone to meditate individually, in group or to participate in any gentle animation organized by our members. Everyone could gently include any exchange group naturally, with peace of mind. Openness, welcome, quietness, non judgement will be hte local values and everyone can find here : peace, assistance, comfort, share amongst all the nice people here around. Everything facilitating listening of the others or inner listening will be done. You will feel like at home or probably outside space and time.


Let’s start by the main entrance… In this room, you can meet 2 human size buddha welcoming you, with a locker room where everyone can dress cozy, relax and how he feels. Phones and all others means of distraction will be paused and kept in that place. The goal, be here, be present with yourself and with the others!

In the bigger room, air will be softly climatised, filtered and recycled to obtain a constant and pleasant temperature for everyone. No excess, no cool or warm draft whatever the season, the hour in the day or night. It will allow everyone to install cozy, in a meditation mode, as long as he wishes to stay. In this rooom, there are pillows, confortables nats, blankets in free access so that everyone can come freely with needed to bring somethinh or feel lacking anything…

In the center of the big room, or on one side of it, you can find a cercle shaped where you can find fresh juice, soup made of local and seasonned fruits and vegetables, hot herb tea will be served in total quietness. This is here to allow members to have a light, balanced, healthy pause, mostly liquid.
This will not replace any meal, but will allow bodys to kept healthy and in good shape the time of your stay. This will be served only at the bar in order to bring noises and smells all around the place and allow to connect with other peoples during this little pause.

The purpose of this place is to allow inner connexion, share, and help anyone to grow on your own path. The economic model is still to be discussed but it could be done as a kind of membership paid by all members in order to take care of all costs and allow a very small fees for any beverages/soups.

In this place, there could have also 2-3 small rooms “closed” but even more cozy, in order to allow some special treatments : massages, energetic cares, living in the dark experiences, individually or in small groups…
If you are interested in the concept, or have any idea of the location, or wish to improve the convcept… Feel free to join us or drop us an email : MB@Mindful-Benevolence.org

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Mindful Benevolence Movement (MB)

Mindful Benevolence Movement (Mouvement Bienveillant)
A Non Profit Organisation
Registered office : 41 rue d’Alzingen, L-3397 Roeser
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Mindful-Benevolence.org MB@Mindful-Benevolence.org

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