Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

Sharing – Giving/ Give your time

Why ?

Because benevolence is a gift like the one done by Nature : It is FREE, has no value and therefore it helps us to get out of an economic logic which often harm human beings. As we have seen in some of our articles, rentability often contradict with care, health and time quality we could spend with our close friends and relatives, and finaly these are always human beings that pay these costs.

If you give your time to share an activity with someone, this free activity, altruistic has an infinite rentability, therefore all activity without value is more  profitable than any economical activity. What is given with time and quality allows to create virtuous circle between the givers and the receivers.

Give it to whom ?


To anyone needing it, that has not the money or economical power to pay it. This allows persons who receive it to possibly reduce their work exposure as they have less things to pay and if these virtuous circles continues to free some time for themselves, for them, for their families and their close friends in order to move on their personal path with serenity to heal from inner injries, doubts, beliefs, fears…

How ?

Benevolent Movement (BM) think and organize with his members how to put this system in place and how to connect people that can give their time with whom needs it. This could be achieved by an easy online system between the participants, this could be done locally with creation of special local structure or through a smartphone application…

Be a volunteer ?

Another alternative is to help Bevenolent Movement (BM) as a volunteer as the growth of the projetcs will require more and more taks : how to get known, coordinater our actions and put them in place, some will require creation and local coordination while some othe will need virtual setup throug a website, application and others interactions.

What is ?

Benevolent Movement / Mouvement Bienveillant (MB)


The strengths of

Mindful Benevolence Movement (MB)

Mindful Benevolence Movement (Mouvement Bienveillant)
A Non Profit Organisation
Registered office : 41 rue d’Alzingen, L-3397 Roeser
RCS F-11533
Mindful-Benevolence.org MB@Mindful-Benevolence.org

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