Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Thank you!


We are very pleased that you share our ideas and wish to join Mindful Benevolence movement (MB). There are many ways to help us to bring new ideas, projects to transform the world. In our ideas, to become your truly self, it is important to have enough time in order to look inside yourself in a peaceful environment. Neurosciences confirmed that when we are in a stress mode, our brain, we switch to a survival mode and therefore selfish and materialistic behaviour become our standard but happily we can revert to our normal mode where we have time to think and care to the others.


To become member, it is easy, you just have to pay your annual membership which we have decided to be 20 EUR. This amount is less than 2 EUR per month, represent the most common banknote, that should help everyone interested to benefit of all our service

If you wish to wire  it you can use the following banking details : IBAN : LU33 0019 5155 1175 9000  BIC: BCEELULL

You can pay it directly through paypal indicating In comments “membership” and add name + mail or phone to get in touch with you

If you wish to be a donor, you can, use the same paypal button and mention “donation” add name+mail  or phone if you wish to be contacted. If you don’t mention “membership” / “donation”, we would consider any amount as 20 EUR membership and the rest will be considered as a donation.


Independantly for the membership, you can bring your financial support by making a donnation that could depending on the rules of each country may offer you a tax benefit. The money you are giving allows to creat actions, organize events (conferences, manifestations) or even to reduce futur events costs as the organisation could participate so that each participant pay less. Moreover this will allow to develop projects like a meditation bar – a place where it is good to ressource yourself accompagnied by people that have decided to be instead of having, put in place our Give and Share platform allowing exchange of time, skills and services.

You can pay it directly through paypal indicating your coordinates to reach you : mail, phone, name, first name by clicking on the below link

or if you wish to wire  it you can use the following banking details :IBAN : LU33 0019 5155 1175 9000 BIC: BCEELULL

For any other paying method, please contact us using the following form : contact

If you wish to participate by giving your skills / services or benefit from this you can click  here

The strengths of

Mindful Benevolence Movement (MB)

Why being

Mindfully Benevolent ?

Mouvement Bienveillant (Mindful Benevolence Movement)
Association Sans But Lucratif
Siege Social : 41 rue d’Alzingen, L-3397 Roeser
RCS F-11533

Mouvement-Bienveillant.org MB@Mouvement-Bienveillant.org


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