Mouvement Bienveillant  : An association nurturing the fondamental needs of Human and all Conscious Beings Listening, Benevolent Kindness, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Share, Present moment living, Gratitude) so that he reaches his true self, being Kind mindfully so that he broadcast all these values to change the world!

If you wish to add a bit or a lot of benevolent kindness in your life, love, share, non judgement, live in peace and harmony with the others or live and in the meantime become the person you would like to be, please join Benevolent Movement (BM) by writing to us using the below form 🙂


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A non profit Organisation
Registered office : 41 rue d’Alzingen, L-3397 Roeser
Mouvement Bienveillant – Let’s create and share a nice story…

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