Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

How to live together with benevolence?

«The urban city has taken on the configuration of a mineral enclave that never ceases to trim the natural space by its extension. This confined enclave constitutes an off-ground system applied to humans  ». Pierre Rabhi

Let’s have a big picture

It is clear that we have increasingly become used to being piled up in concrete, concentrated structures, isolated from one another and in which everyone lives in the comfort of his life and in the indifference of others. Living together becomes less and less frequent and the routine subway / work / dodo mode more than ever current in our lives that one gets used to survive each one of its side ignoring all or almost from his neighbors. In this game, we did everything to skillfully ignore the mix, integration, sharing, well-being and we managed to complexify the “living together” to an excess making it even more difficult cohabitations, joint projects, trips, multiplying loss of time, pollution and reducing individual comfort.

Housing: a human crisis?

Since its beginnings, human beings have come closer to their fellow men to face the difficulties of life or to collectively find solutions related to their environment. Even our individual aspirations may differ on their living environment, the way in which we organize our interior, the collective solutions that allow each individual to increase his time for himself, his family and others while allowing all the collective tasks to be shared (supply, meals, material maintenance in respect of nature, reduction of waste / waste …) must be discussed and adopted. Human beings have their place on Earth, provided they respect all consciousnesses, collectively coordinate all their actions in order to reduce the impact it places on us and the planet. The human being can regain his place in the balance and harmony of nature and in the respect of all its inhabitants.

Let’s live who we are in collective respect

On the one hand, the cult of consumption and growth has pushed human beings into intrenchments creating more egoism, individualism, unnecessary creations, while leaving the less fortunate in a daily struggle for survival. This has only created tensions and inequalities or the richest become richer and the poor become poorer and few bridges allow to balance these two parts and risk creating unresolved conflicts.

Today we can look at the situation as it is: the modern lifestyles that we have collectively adapted or allowed to do have developed stress, diseases and in this case the human body has reacted to this stress factor by developing the “I have to survive “Which leads to selfish and individualistic behavior. Once out of this stressful environment, people return to a calmer world, more in harmony for them and the human body becomes in a “serene and creative” mode where everyone enjoys living with his neighbors by participating with sharing and innovation.

Respecting each other, respecting others, respecting all conscious beings on earth to find peace, harmony, sustainability within benevolent, altruistic, shared values, unconditional love and non judgments are again possible.

Decrease, Happy soberness & Voluntary Simplicity

Wanting to create an unlimited number of needs to then have to satisfy them is just continuing making nothing. This false ideal is only a trap. One must know how to impose a limit on one’s own physical and even intellectual needs, if not the necessity to satisfy them becomes a search for pleasure.” Gandhi.

Voluntary simplicity is the art of using only the part that comes back to us on earth. (Alexis Robert) and it is certain that we can all simplify our way of life! What would you think of taking advantage of your well-being, your time, those of your loved ones in simplicity, rather than accumulating superfluous goods that take your time, your freedom with regard to the joy and quality of our human exchanges.

The exchange between humans is immaterial, a source of joy, sharing, well-being, does not possess itself, enriched the participants and avoids the imbalance of resources such as material goods.

In the image of Life

As our bodies allow us to live with the resources at our disposal, the return to a balanced life and harmony with nature, allows us to build in the long term, in harmony… Our homes, our food become healthy, sustainable, in balance with natural resources. We use natural materials that are recyclable, easy to use, generate the least amount of waste, and our progress is shared by everyone far from the current imbalances that generate waste, pollution, stress and disease.

Benevolence: an art of living Together

The importance is to discover that we can all live in harmony, together, with noble values, shared by all conscious beings. The place, the constructions, the harmony will be born of the fertile imagination rediscovered of each, where the hearts, the souls will collaborate in the love, the altruism. The human being has always shown his creative genius in relation to all the stages of his evolution. This is but another stage of creation, where man freed from his wounds, his fears, his doubts, his beliefs can finally enjoy a fulfilled life, rich in joy, love, relationships, exchanges, sharing and where spirituality finds its place.

Why being

Mindfuly Benevolent ?

What is ?

Mindful Benevolence Movement (MB)

Mindful Benevolence Movement (Mouvement Bienveillant)
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