Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

How to consume with benevolence ?

The individual is the source of change

More than ever we have delegated our capacity to act, to give to the community, to society and force is to note that the different economic, political models proposed have not produced the expected results and the unbalances are crying and proven. Today technologies and social networks have evolved so much that we have become hyper-connected and that we can act individually with enormous interactions. Consequently, yesterday’s impossibilities of having collective structures representing us in their entirety are futile. Today we have the technologies to involve as many people as possible in all decisions.

For example, a daily referendum could be requested from all the population in most countries, virtual forums at village, city, metropolitan levels could serve as a link with all the people residing there. More than ever, the individual is the source of change.

So no matter what we aspire to, it is possible today to co-create the world of tomorrow together and we can all change our society to reduce our unbalances, make it more fair, more respectful of everything to everyone … This is possible in order to share new values, a new art of living together, to implement them and to initiate changes in all goodwill, transparency and taking care not to neglect, forget no one.

If you share our values, if you are the change and you want to inspire it, then join us, with simplicity, with your uniqueness, your internal richness and together with Benevolent Movement (BM) to move along this path.

Benevolent Movement (BM) is yours, yours, and it can only be done if we listen and welcome each person in love and sharing. It is not a utopia, it is a matter of choice, evolution and time … Let us restore our listening, the time to heal our wounds, sufferings and move towards something that has never been proposed yet!

Benevolent Movement (BM) is the union of uniqueness and by sharing and living the same values, we can vibrate who we are and bring change so that decisions, actions are taken for the individual and common good, nature, of the planet, Gandhi wrote: “There is enough of everything in the world to satisfy the needs of man, but not enough to satisfy his greed. ”

Starting today, we can initiate principles and actions that benefit everyone. Let us bear in mind that all that is done in the gift has no economic value since it is free and therefore unmatchable and uncontrollable from an economic point of view. We can also choose consciously to change or reduce what we consume and if this is done in a multiplied way, economic actors will choose to adapt: a company exists only through its customers.

The Benevolent Movement (MB) wishes by its actions to bring together individual and collective consciousness in a movement of pacifist changes to improve the daily life. We are concerned about what is going on around us and we see that many change individually even if the global current seems unperturbed. It is not a revolution, it is not an awakening, it is an evolution, an awakening …

And choosing us, choosing our values, our actions, being is the best way

Being collectively aware

The fact of having to cohabit on this little planet that is the Earth requires us to learn to live there in peace all together, in harmony with nature, and it is not a dream but a necessity.” (Dalaï Lama)



By definition a consumer is a person who buys for his or her use any products … A very general definition in which everyone can find but does not really give direction, nor limits to consumption …

Realizing that few products / goods / possessions are necessary for its personal and collective fulfillment is the first step. Indeed, how many of us can say that objects make them really happy, it is often the memories, the emotions that we attach to this or that important event of our life that we wish to preserve. This accumulation binds us to the past and prevents us from living in the present and many objects and utensils are linked to our entertainment or the art of spending our free time and turning away from our preoccupations. Where do our concerns come from, what are they? If you answer these questions in the depths of you, you will see that they are external, linked to others, your work, your daily life … And what would we be able to do with all this time available if we re-injected it towards helping the person, listening, sharing with other conscious beings?

So let’s realise what we have implicitly chosen, and instead realise that we can take care of ourselves and others instead of worrying, entertaining and accumulating goods and memories?

Companies strive to achieve and satisfy our desires and needs and use their creativity and resources to achieve them in accordance with financial objectives. The human mind has no limits and creativity is borrowing paths that we are no longer doubting: the unconscious use of resources of the environment, the economic aberrations of all sorts of products: the multiplication of identical products under different brands, shameless marketing with almost infinite virtues of each product, limitation of products and services over time (programmed obsolescence, expiration), imposed choices (subscriptions to unwanted but invoiced services) unknowingly (what do the banks do with the money on our accounts)
The most important thing is to realize that wanting to satisfy all our desires more and more rapidly only feeds all these economic circles and that everything up to the human being becomes a product, an adjustment variable which receives an increasingly low value …

The economic model is based on supply and demand and we see that we all pay the high price … What would happen if a large number of people offered their products and services free of charge while demanding much less?

As stated above, it is not a revolution, it is not an awakening, it is an evolution, an awakening and Benevolent Movement (BM) wishes to advance with all the consciousnesses on this way of Being Well rather than to favor only wellness in the face of stresses!

This just, equitable, respectful, benevolent society will only be embodied at the global level once it is incarnated within each and every one of us and this is what Benevolent Movement (BM) is all about. Standing besides each of us to move forward individually and collectively.

At Benevolent Movement (BM), our collective choices focus on initiatives, producers, companies that share our values and contribute to the harmony of our world and respect for life in love, to do good for those who collaborate with them, such as those who benefit from their products.

Far from any ideology or very restrictive, combative criteria, let’s all come together to see how we can inspire change with people who act for the best of their environments.

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