Mindful Benevolence Movement : A Non Profit Organisation nurturing fundamental Human and conscious beings' needs : (Listening, Mindful Benevolence, Non Judgement, Unconditional Love, Donation, Sharing, Present moment, Gratitude) so they can become their true self, and broadcast these values to the others to change the world !

How does benevolence contribute to our lives ?

Listening, refocusing, caring, these are the first inspirations of a surprising path you will be the hero of maybe a little despite you (Steph Vee)

Le modèle actuel et ses impacts

Today, models are no longer listening to the individual, or even to the community of our present society. We have all delegated our capacity for action, our inner power to society, to the greatest number. Even if the motivation to put the common interest of all individuals above that of a single one is recommendable, it is clear that the mission is not really a success and we all pay an excessive bill from our common mistake. Models of economic growth, wealth creation based on individual success or through firms have not produced the expected results. Inequalities are becoming more and more visible, individualism has become stronger, economic models are spreading in the so-called developing countries, and the majority of individuals are increasingly stressing more and more constraints, complexities, ‘immediacy. Even those who accumulate resources and financial well-being often remain prisoners of this system and cannot be happy, not knowing how to use their resources or having lost the essential human landmarks isolate themselves and live cut from the world. Only a few clever people find a more or less balanced financial solution to escape from the system but remain isolated in financial niches and cannot participate in collective sharing and dependent on a change of rule that risks to reduce or destroy their solution.

Duality is everywhere and at every level … On the one hand people stress because they have too much work, no time to enjoy it and others stress because they have no work, of social recognition. On the one hand some consume to excess, waste and others have immense difficulties to find the minimum necessary for their life.

Awareness is made individually and many realize that they are not completely happy in this life: our system only offers external solutions / products and which once “consumed” leaves a futile impression of satisfaction, even worse, it entails in a forward escape of the ever-increasing who has no limits. On the other hand, some of us are experiencing that by sharing, giving our time and helping our loved ones we end up reaching other values, other perspectives and we get closer to joy and happiness we have been looking for.

Each in his own way is torn by a collective / individual system duality and we have the impression that there are no possible solutions. We collectively and often silently suffer what we have set up and as we are not clear with ourselves, we end up accepting the drifts of our system.

We become ourselves selfish, blocked in a collective pattern, and modeled in “it will be better when I have …” We give up our ability to be inwardly to the benefit of an external asset, and consequently instead of taking the time , take atep backward for ourself, heal wounds, cultivate enriching encounters, enjoyable experiences we continue to accept even more constraints in our lives, more rules imposed by society, collaborate on projects that no longer motivate us, less time for oneself and for others, immediacy, isolation because we see our fellow men as competitors, instead of seeing them as brothers and sisters. The continuous improvement of our assets ultimately destroys our beings. We end up exclusively taking care of ourselves, forgetting others, cultivating our possessions and material wealth and transferring our time of life on earth into money …
Don’t we often hear: “Time is money! “. It’s true, but the reverse is true, money is time, it is energy, and we end up accumulating time, energy that sleeps on a bank account, but what do we do?

The fact of accumulating money instead of taking time, puts us under pressure and under permanent stress and most modern ailments are related to these factors of stress:

  • social: repetitive job, urgent, lacking in meaning, unemployment, little or no leisure, little or no linking activities, distant family and friends …
  • body : processed food, fast and unhealthy, lack of exercise, use of products to support stress (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, any kind of addiction).
  • psychological: overloaded thoughts, sadness, doubts, extreme boredom, insecurity, anxiety, depression, burnout …

Environmental: chemical pollution, noise pollution generating allergies, respiratory disorders, cardiac disorders, etc.

According to the neurosciences, current behavioral sciences, the individual facing all these stresses is reduced into survival mode, and irremediably all his mode of operation switches to a selfish mode: “I have to survive faced to these events” and obviously far from a state of compassion, altruism or help to the person. It should be noted that once removed from these stress conditions, the individual develops new capacities of compassion, mutual aid and sharing …

We can all heal our illnesses and regain a balance of life when we decide to change our environment and that is why many people who have undergone burnout come back as a coach, therapist, or helper to the person.

What we have engendered collectively, rather by forgetfulness of ourselves, continues to increase the stress on all people continuing to work at full throttle and we have set up non-virtuous circles that continue to make the situation even worse.

Food inventions are the best example of this, as consumers no longer have time, so we invent products adapted to their current rhythm … This means that we are creating more and more products processed, packaged, containing everything and anything else, and we put on these healthy label products, expiration date, composition, percentages … What about all this when you pick an apple on a tree in a field and eat it in the moment quietly and in full serenity?

In short, it is not a question of blaming anyone or of referring to catastrophic scientific studies, but just to realize that we have unbalanced the existing nature in relation to all the creations of man ! And we are in the process of making men undergo the same thing as the animals they consume by raising them in conditions that nobody would want to experience.

We have collectively reproduced and amplified our fears, our doubts, our individual beliefs, and today we have crushed the benefits of nature in relation to those of science and the human. You just have to see the over-medicalization of Western systems and all the discomfort, the difficulty / stress that this imposes on the people who live it! If you have someone in your family who has undergone chemotherapy or other type of cancer therapy, how can health treatments be invasive, aggressive or even heavier than the “disease” itself or avoid a relapse …

Similarly, do you prefer to work more to try to earn money to pay for your parents’ retirement home, where they will certainly be monitored and medicalized but anonymous, neglected because the caregivers will be stressed, tired and pushed to work the chain for economic reasons? Do we not realize that there is a balance that we have easily crossed?

We have all the technicalities, the tools to reduce our exposure to work to increase our time with those we love … But what are we waiting for?

Perhaps we think that there is nothing we can do on an individual basis ? that the system is as it is and it cannot be changed or reformed?

These are beliefs, or excuses that we once again put in place to exempt ourselves from our responsibility … We can all act for our good and the collective good … But it means get away from our zone of comfort, its habits and what we have created collectively …

We must reclaim who we are, our dreams, our ideas and start by doing us good so that we are able to offer it to others …

And for that we can all make these individual changes:

Caring for yourself: taking care of yourself to take care of others

The Voice of Heart / Mind

To take care of oneself is not to cure what is ill but to choose everything that is beneficial to us in all areas of life. Stop! What did you think at the moment, what came to your mind ? If you have said in you: utopian, impossible or that life is not like that, or any other answer … Listen! How are you talking to yoursef ? How do you limit / condition yourself or maybe have issued a judgment on my assertion ?

The first thing is this inner dialogue that you maintain with yourself and only then externally you can find the conditions of a full health that suits you by your life choices.

Taking care of yourself means being in contact with yourself, being attentive to the basic needs of our body and our mind. It often happens that we have a thought, a little spark, an idea, an intuition, which is subsequently covered with a lot of others that come to influence, correct, cancel what we have just said … In a second time, we no longer follow the voice of our heart, but that of reason, our beliefs, our doubts, our fears …

This inner dialogue is often revealing how we are in the world, if you are beset by thoughts, stressors, you will hardly connect with your heart and this will manifest in your daily life because even if we try to conceal it outside, it is always perceived without our knowledge (see nonverbal communication).

By removing parasitic voices, for example, by meditating, accepting the unknown, and embodying the values we feel close to, we become aware of our heart’s voice, we connect with ourselves, with what we are and opens up to others and to the world around us, and it is oriented towards self-confidence and the other, sharing, unconditional love…

The voice of the body

The body also sends its messages in the form of pains, needs, desires and there are even combinations of the voices of the heart and the body … The messages of the body are often more difficult to interpret … For example, want to eat an ice bin or a whole chocolate bar is good for us? Or we can have back pain, for example, without making the connection that we have enough of our current life, or a stressful situation in life, in our couple, our work, etc … It is sometimes difficult to interpret these messages simply and it is often thanks to the mirror proposed by others that we can become aware of it … What happens to us, the emotions, the fears, the pains we feel in the face of events, the others are important information which allow us to advance on our path and we can thank life, the other for allowing us to realize it?

Going back to health, and especially to our health, eating a whole bin of ice is not bad in itself apart from getting stomach ache if too cold, too quickly eaten etc. What really matters is the reason why we want to eat it or what triggered this envy and what we will feel as emotions once we have satisfied it …

To listen to our body is to take care of it, to consider that we are inseparable body and spirit and that we must thank him for the magic that he makes every day … Even though you eat, he will always make the best of it and will try to give you the best of himself so that you can live at best, but if you do not love yourself, you do not want to take care of him (or you) and his health will decrease as they develop and manifest themselves in pains and other discomforts.

If we accept to make friend and be one with our body, to listen to him, to help him heal his wounds, he will be your best ally, your best vehicle to advance in life … And if your body and your heart are in phase, in harmony, listening and welcoming his messages and finding together what suits you, full health will manifest.

The path is always individual and it is certain that it is more difficult to have a healthy body by abusing a number of products distant from nature …

Healthy food guides range from prana through natural solid food to processed products … And everyone’s path is to become aware of where it is and how it can make progress.

  • Expose yourself to sunlight (without constraints if rising / setting, paying attention so close to midday hours), sea air : taking energies where they are felt (inspiring places).
  • Breathe deeply and serenely to promote the circulation of energy
  • Practice a regular physical activity adapted to your condition: walking mini 20-30mn + stretching type tai-chi / yoga / qi gong … per day if needed at a rapid rate: oxygenation and muscle tone.
  •  Meditate : (variable duration 5-60 min per day) to refocus to oneself, to connect with others, to welcome oneself and listen to what is happening within us, to bring peace, awareness, sharing with oneself and with the others, regain our inner balance, heal from our wounds, receive and give energy with love and benevolence …
  • Eat when hungry only and avoid lying down just after eating. Digestion does not help being into a restorative and beneficial sleeping state and decrease your energy.
  •  Reduce, until you cesse the consumption of processed products that consume large numbers of resources at packaging level and the fact that there is a multiplication of labels affixed on them does not mean it will bring us the expected health.
  • S’exposer à la lumière du soleil (sans contraintes si lever/coucher, à faire attention si proche des heures du midi), à l’air marin : prendre les énergies là où on les ressent (lieux inspirants)
  • Respirer profondément et sereinement pour favoriser la circulation d’énergie
  • Pratiquer une activité physique régulière adaptée à sa condition : marcher mini 20-30mn + étirement type tai-chi/yoga/qi gong… par jour si besoin à un rythme rapide : oxygénation et tonus musculaire
  • Méditer : (durée variable 5-60 min par jour) pour se recentrer à soi, se connecter aux autres, s’accueillir et s’écouter face à ce qui nous arrive, s’apporter paix, conscience, partage avec soi et avec les autres, retrouver son équilibre intérieur, guérir de ses blessures, recevoir et donner de l’énergie avec amour et bienveillance…
  • Manger quand on a faim éviter de se coucher juste après manger la digestion ne facilite pas l’endormissement.
  • Réduire, jusqu’à, cesser la consommation des produits transformés qui consomment grand nombre de ressources au niveau emballage et qui n’ont de santé que la multiplication des étiquettes apposés

 Priority reduction:

  •  Animal and dairy products (suffering, stress and animal maltreatment and official sources show that the animal origin of the proteins is not indispensable and that one lives longer without these products
  • The use of sugar (soda, processed products), salt (hidden throughout processed foods).
  • Grain products that create gluten and prevent absorption at the level of the intestines but watch out for processed “gluten-free” products that are not better for health … Prefer cereals type Quinoa, Bulgur and other species known as “disappeared”
  • Alcohol, exciting drinks (black tea, coffee).
  • Tobacco.


  • Unprocessed natural foods: fruits, seasonal vegetables, pulses, oilseeds, near-harvested mature and using the least natural chemicals, dry fruits, avocados, oil first cold pressure (and avoid cooking)
  • Water, herbal teas, green tea (at body temperature), non-alcoholic fermented natural drinks (kefir, kombucha), etc

  • Adapt your environment: calm meal without TV, mobile phone, music, possibility to eat in conscience, in silence, take time ..
  • Before bedtime, set up an atmosphere conducive to relaxation: cut off the TV, the computer, have dim lighting in the room.
  • Listen to your body and have a restful sleep: respect your biological rhythm, your sleeping time
  • To wash according to its envy and needs (odors …), a rapid shower without soap can do, reduce the quantities of water used
  • Listening again and again: relax, isolate, relax, walk alone in the forest, take time, discover new passions, hobbies:
    • Create the social bond: Opening up to others, giving time to projects that help others (volunteering, association): reduces stress, avoids loneliness, develops harmony, reduces ego, increases sharing, discovers new activities, new people: helping others: it is also helping oneself!
    • Dare curiosity, initiative, creativity: get out of one’s habits, develop resilience, trust, avoid fear of the unknown, meet new people, create, stimulate, do good, no need for great achievements there is something for all tastes: common actions, artistic: draw, write, dance, sing without reason or judgment …
    • Welcome the present moment: to be there in the moment, to what one does without being distracted by other thoughts
    • Develop gratitude means acknowledging that we are interdependent and thankful for not being alone, for whatever our way, it passes with others.

Benevolence and healing power

When we unbalance our body, our mind, by not feeling in phase, in harmony with our life, or at least not as well as we should, we head to sickness and it can often take a long time before being diagnosed … Example put a sugar every day in his coffee (2g) can after 3 years bring to the body: 3x365x2g = 2.1 kg of sugar and thus end up creating overweight or diabetes … On the opposite side, following an accident, we can feel this immediately!

Whatever a disease may be, an accident, or an illness that is more or less diffuse, precise: these are important signs that must not be neglected, buried deep within oneself or ignored them or on the contrary, being overloaded with activities, so as not to think about it! The forward leaping always ends up at some point or another to catch up with us.

There is no ready-to-use solution, each of u must find HOW OWN solution, which can be either take a distance, have a break, change habits: isolate oneself if one is connected with many people, or on the contrary, to be connected if one is solitary … Often it amounts to have an internal conversation with ourself, extracting ourself from the present world and finally listening to the inner voice which lies dormant within us … The diseases are there also to remind us of order, often brutally if we do not expect it, but there is nothing that we cannot reverse, change, and even cure, provided we can put time, energy and make the changes we need to bring in our lives …

Sometimes it comes down to cutting oneself off from friends, loved ones, family, spouse / partner because they do not understand our change. No one is to blame, to judge for that … When we become aware of our being, our desires and what we can bring to others, to the world, it turns out that our environment / entourage changes because our path is unique and we can not ask others to evolve in the same way as ours.
It is certain that love and benevolence around oneself are recommended and that is why the Benevolent Movement wishes to develop in particular to welcome the suffering people and those who are at some point or another , misunderstood, in the denial of the disease, in the fear of the unknown and of the path to be taken.

Giving Love is the main fuel for the motor of healing

Love, compassion, sharing allow anyone to pass through all the trials of life (sickness, mourning, loneliness, sadness, doubts, fears) and is also a main element of healing. The unswerving and unconditionnal support of our loved ones whatever our decisions are elements of stability and allow us to advance on our way. Yet our health systems do not yet seem to be sufficiently high on this human dimension in all hospital structures: hospitals, nursing homes, etc. etc. Healing is a bilateral choice of love: both a desire for love of the environment for the person who suffers, but also a desire for love, for the life of the suffering person, for many those who decide to put an end to their suffering. The benevolent listening, the warm welcome, the other in what he is, whatever his condition, his illness, his thoughts, allow the sufferer to settle down, to gather himself in love and to begin his path of healing.

Nous avons tous et toutes cette capacité d’accueil, de pleine présence, mais elle se cultive individuellement quand chacun suit son chemin, accepte qui il est et dans le don laisse la place à l’autre sans jugement dans l’amour. Cette capacité est malheureusement souvent occultée, ou absente, parce qu’on ne prend pas le temps de la développer, on ne laisse pas le temps aux personnes de la développer, d’accepter leur chemin individuel, de les laisser devenir qui elles sont…

Etre dans une relation bienveillante, altruiste, de compassion avec soi-même et avec les autres permet de guérir et de grandir ensemble car chacun reçoit une humanité, une attention, une écoute personnalisée que l’on ne prend plus le temps de donner, de perpétuer à cause d’autres valeurs que la société a mis en avant : rentabilité, efficacité, technicité, …

Aider à Guérir de façon bienveillante, c’est accueillir l’autre sans jugement, être à ses côtés lors des choix qu’il prend pour sa propre santé et ne pas l’influencer, ou se substituer à lui dans ses choix de guérisons.

La Vie, notre vie est un subtil équilibre entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur, nous sommes tous reliés et si nous décalons un de ces équilibres, nous entraînons réactions en chaîne et conséquences. Nos modes de vie, notre bien-être économique ont leurs limites et apparaissent des conséquences à tous niveaux de nos excès. Travailler de façon importante dans le stress, nous rend malade, s’extraire du système en ayant une fortune personnelle peut nous mener à l’isolement et à la solitude. La rentabilité et la logique économique nous prive de temps pour nous, nos proches, nos parents, la surconsommation menant au gaspillage de produits non indispensables fait peser un poids important sur nos choix vitaux concernant la planète… La liste serait longue de symptômes, de déséquilibre, de conséquences et ne feraient qu’alimenter, peur, doutes, inquiétudes et ne feraient qu’empirer les choses… La nature a toujours été à nos côtés, bienveillante et dans le don pour ce qui est des ressources : lumière, eau, nourriture et elle continue à nous distribuer le maximum de bienfaits quand nous restons en lien et en équilibre avec elle.


L’argent est une énergie que l’on a accumulé, pour les plus chanceux, astucieux, mais qui est l’accumulation du temps des autres car pour chaque chose fabriqué, transporté il y a des hommes et des femmes qui ont échangé leur temps contre une partie de ces produits. Les lois économiques créées par les hommes leur ont donné des valeurs inégales en fonction de critère de division : pays, politique, sexe, âge, fonction, offre et demandes etc… Seule la nature semble avoir fait exception et si les conditions minimales d’eau, de lumière, de soin de la terre par les hommes sont présentes, elle peut donner le fruit de sa création sans aucune valeur/contrepartie…

La solution de l’homme est possiblement à l’image de la nature : ne pas être dans la valeur, mais dans le don et le partage… Est-ce si difficile à changer ? Le système économique a créé sans doutes énormément de personnes qui sont dans cet état : nombre de personnes retraitées sont aujourd’hui libres de leur temps, toutes les personnes ayant accumulées au travers de l’histoire de leur famille plus de richesses qu’ils ne pourront consommer sans gaspiller dans leur entière vie, ceux qui participent dans des associations bénévoles, ceux qui sont déçus par le système et qui préfèrent échanger, partager, ceux qui se rendent compte que la vie est bien plus agréable en partageant, en donnant, etc.

Aujourd’hui nous pouvons tous continuer à chercher des excuses extérieures, dire que cela n’est pas possible, que c’est le système, ce sont les autres, qu’une solution ne marchera que globalement etc. etc. Mais que faisons-nous individuellement ?

Regroupons-nous, partageons, soyons dans le don, dans le non jugement, soyons bienveillant avec nos prochains acceptons toutes les ressources de tout le monde quelles qu’elles soient et utilisons toutes les technologies pour nous aider à être libre de notre temps. L’argent, la matérialité, le travail ne sont pas une fin en soi, nous pouvons réaffecter toutes ces énergies vers un mieux vivre commun…

Exemple : Refusons de gagner plus, refusons de mettre en place des systèmes automatisés qui prennent l’argent partout ! Refusons d’accumuler argent et biens pour seules réponses à nos peurs de l’avenir ou à nos manques du passé… La vie c’est maintenant et ici qu’elle se passe, tout n’est que choix individuel !

Que préférez-vous : passer votre vie au travail, à résoudre plus de problèmes chaque fois plus complexe avec moins de ressources humaines pour gaspiller encore plus de ressources planétaires pour alimenter une croissance qui n’est pas tenable et qui est partagée par de moins en moins de personnes ?

Ou préférez-vous ralentir, profiter dès maintenant de ressources mises en commun, de partager, d’avancer sur votre chemin individuel, d’avoir du temps pour vos enfants, vos parents, votre famille et de mettre en place des cercles vertueux qui nous rapprochent, permettent le partage et de faire des choix conscients pour mieux vivre tous ensemble ?

Prendre soin de soi, des autres, avec bienveillance, altruisme, compassion, sans jugement, dans le don n’est pas si compliqué mais cela commence par une prise de conscience : la TIENNE, la VOTRE la NOTRE!

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